How to Throw a Brunch Wedding Reception

Here are some great brunch wedding reception ideas to consider


A beautiful brunch wedding reception.. an elegant garden party! ~ How to Throw a Brunch Wedding Reception

Most couples don’t think twice about a midday wedding followed by an evening reception. After all, that’s the traditional wedding framework and it’s what we’ve witnessed time and time again. But imagine for a moment morning nuptials followed by a late-morning or early-afternoon brunch. The morning is intrinsically more tranquil and reverent. It’s fresh and inviting, more casual and low-key…and it might just be the perfect time to say “I do.” Morning weddings and brunch receptions are gaining popularity. Here are some great brunch wedding reception ideas to consider if you decide a morning wedding is the perfect way to begin your life together!

Having a brunch wedding doesn’t mean you have to skip the first dance together!

The timing: You and your significant other may be morning people but more than likely not all of your guests are. Plan to walk down the aisle no earlier than 10 a.m. and schedule brunch immediately following. Brunch receptions typically take place sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Consider welcoming guests to your wedding with a coffee cart and pastry trays to help them acclimate to the day.

The venue: Morning weddings lend themselves to less traditional and more casual wedding venues. When choosing your venue, consider area parks, greenhouses, the beach or even your own backyard. Scout it out in advance and pay attention to how the morning light plays on the surrounding features. If your wedding is during the colder months, an indoor venue with plenty of windows for natural light and a great view of the autumn colors, snowy woods or early blooms might make the perfect backdrop.

So relaxed… so much fun… the casual brunch reception.

The Gardens of Castle Rock is also a wonderful venue option for your spring, summer or fall wedding. With four ceremony and outdoor reception sites to choose from in the midst of our enchanted garden surroundings, your brunch reception on our grounds will leave guests reminiscing long after your big day.

The fare: Because of its unconventional nature, the menu really takes center stage at a brunch reception (alongside the beautiful bride and handsome groom, of course!). Your options really are endless. Just think “lighter fare” and go at it! Brunch can be served buffet style, as a sit-down meal, as a cocktail brunch or any combination of the three. Host a build-your-own-omelette, crepe or waffle station, serve mini breakfast sandwiches or French toast dippers. Serve veggie and egg frittatas, smoked veggies or smoked meats such as salmon or tuna and don’t forget to include a wide array of pastries and croissants.

Feel free to mix it up a bit… how cool is a open coffee bar!

For brunch, a wide beverage assortment is just as important as your plentiful cuisine choices. A coffee bar with drip coffee or specialty coffee beverages, iced or hot tea (depending on the season) and fruit smoothies and juices will ensure that you’ve got something for everyone’s palate. If you decide to serve alcohol, mimosas, Bloody Marys, screwdrivers and sangria are popular choices. A bubble bar – champagne with berries – might be especially fun at a spring or summer celebration.

The attire: A morning wedding and brunch reception naturally lend themselves to a more casual atmosphere and dress code for the guests and wedding party – the bride and groom included. Kristin Doggett, co-founder of Bellafare, a boutique event and wedding planning company, says that a sundress for women and slacks and a shirt for men are certainly appropriate while brides often choose dresses with shorter hems or more casual fabrics and grooms often opt for lighter-colored suits. The wedding party attire is up to the discretion of the couple and often follows suit with sundresses and slacks.

That casual laid back vib of a brunch reception. ~ How to Throw a Brunch Wedding Reception

The festivities: Because an early-in-the-day reception doesn’t lend itself to a crazy, late-night dance, couples often bring in a string quartet or a bluegrass band for brunch music and midday dancing. For outdoor receptions, lawn games such as cornhole and horseshoes are a fun addition!

The budget: One of the best parts of a brunch reception is the ease on your budget. Because you won’t likely offer an open bar or hire a DJ or full band you save money on these big-ticket items. Breakfast fare is substantially cheaper than dinner fare and venues often offer lower rates for off-peak times.

Casual brunch receptions offer more time to connect with guests. ~ How to Throw a Brunch Wedding Reception

If you’re interested in throwing a morning wedding and brunch reception, we would love to connect with you about all of our amenities here at The Gardens. Give us a call at 651.264.9510 or email us at

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