The Gardens Suite: The perfect space to prepare for your wedding day

Historic exterior design is reminiscent of the past while the interior space is full of modern touches making your wedding day completely stress free!

“The new suite..…..THE BEST! I was so relaxed the morning of my wedding just sitting by the fire with my wedding party, it was a dream.”  – Amanda M.

The Gardens Suite is the perfect space to gather those you love as you prepare for your wedding day celebration at The Gardens of Castle Rock. The Garden Suite is one of two wedding day dressing rooms available on site to get ready for your big day!

Designed with a turn of the century feel, but built only a few years ago, the Suite’s exterior is reminiscent of a historic 1900’s city building complete with a stone foundation, brick façade and white mortar. The timber framed porch with its chainsaw milled pillars came from white pine and spruce trees harvested at The Gardens while the repurposed steel siding and roofing came from a 1960’s pole barn.

The angle of the building, as well as the number and location of windows, were designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. The Suite’s northeast placement maximizes natural light while the two-front retro-filled windows and three small windows into the Suite’s restroom showcase the soft early morning sun. In addition, five piano windows on the south side allow for the maximum amount of natural light to stream in at midday, creating the perfect lighting for make-up application and snapping gorgeous photos.

While the Gardens Suite has all the characteristics of a building of yesterday, it has all the conveniences of a modern dressing room, including central air conditioning for warm summer days to in floor heat and a touch button fireplace for those cool fall days.

Inside, it’s easy to be drawn to the impressive floor to ceiling Montana stone fireplace with a solid 8-inch thick hand-hewed black walnut mantle. Built by a team from Arabella Stone Co. and Dutch Creek Construction, the fireplace creates the perfect backdrop for dress reveal photos. The Suite’s fireplace even holds a secret! Hidden amongst the Montana stones are three unique round stones that Glenn Switzer, venue owner and designer, brought back from a recent trip to the North Shore.

The 16-foot shiplap board styled ceiling was milled and processed at the Workshop at The Gardens from the black walnut and ash trees that once sat on the Suite’s site.

To the left of the fireplace sits a giant three-sided bay mirror creating the perfect opportunity to view yourself from every angle and to the right is large classic white accented bathroom complete with multiple more mirrors and abundant counter space.

Interested in spending your wedding day in this one-of-a-kind beautifully designed space? Contact The Gardens for more information.

To learn more about the construction of the Gardens Suite, including the history of the ball finiale (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is!), check out this youtube video.

Want to know even more about what went into building the Gardens Suite……CLICK HERE to be taken to the Growing The Gardens ~ Building The Gardens Suite Wedding Day Dressing Room Youtube video playlist.

The Gardens Suite transports you back to the 1900’s with its stately stone foundation, brick façade and white mortar.

The Suite’s pillars were harvested and chain sawed milled by venue owner and designer, Glenn Switzer.

A brand new paver walkway connects the Gardens Suite to over 9,000 square feet of patio space.

Set on the south side of the venue with the ability to view three of the ceremony sites, the Gardens Suite is the perfect spot for the wedding party to wait until it’s time to walk down the aisle.

The moment has arrived!  The bride accompanied by her parents begins the journey to the Lath House for the ceremony to begin.

The amazing wall-to-ceiling Montana stone fireplace is the showpiece of the Gardens Suite and the fire isn’t even started yet!

The perfect spot with the perfect friends to celebrate your wedding day!                                                                   Photo Credit: Perry James Photography

You + Your Dress + The Fireplace = Photo Perfection!                                                                        Photo Credit: Jeannine Marie Photography

The beautiful shiplap ceiling hovering above in the Gardens Suite is just one of the many examples of exceptional craftsmanship by venue owner and designer, Glenn Switzer.

Fun fact! Did you know the wall color choice is the Suite was purposely chosen to accentuate and highlight wedding dresses?

See every single little beautiful detail in the Gardens Suite’s three-sided bay mirror!  You can even step up and allow your wedding dress train to fan to the floor.  The perfect photo op!



It doesn’t get more gorgeous than this with boundless amounts of natural light.                   Photo Credit: Jeannine Marie Photography 

There’s plenty of room to spread out your wedding gown and your tribe in the Gardens Suite. Photo Credit: Jeannine Marie Photography

A private and spacious bathroom with everything you needs is the perfect addition to the Suite.

The gang is all here and ready to go…..with the Gardens Suite concealing the bride until just the right moment.

When it’s time for the ceremony, it’s only a short walk from the Garden Suite to the ceremony location. Photo Credit: Jeannine Marie Photography

Cocktail hour on the lawn in front of the Gardens Suite is in full swing with drinks, conversation and of course, a few rounds of bag toss.

As evening approaches…..thousands of lights begin to illuminate The Gardens of Castle Rock.

The Gardens Suite lite from both outside and in adds to the magic of The Gardens at night.

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