7 Ways to Guarantee Your Guests Have Fun on Your Wedding Day

Follow these simple tips to ensure every guest has a blast at your wedding day celebration.

One of the questions we like to ask potential Gardens couples is, “On the Monday morning after your wedding, what would you like your guests to remember?” Hands down, the number one answer is F-U-N. Weddings are a celebration of two people finding each other in a sometimes crazy-mixed-up world, so of course they should be one big fun party. Having been part of hundreds of weddings, The Gardens has complied seven ways couples can guarantee their guests have fun and have them waking up Monday morning with a huge smile on their face reflecting on all the fun they had.

Winter, spring, summer, fall….. communication is key when letting your guests know how they should dress for your day, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding.

1. You know the old saying….”Communication is key”. When it comes to your wedding day this couldn’t be more true. Whether you create a website, some type of Facebook post or an old fashion snail mail invitation, let your guests know what you’ve been planning and what they can expect. You may have planned the perfect day, but if your guests are not prepared for what will unfold on your perfect day, they may not have fun. Remember to consider the season and whether it will be hot or cold. This is particularly important if you are at an outdoor venue, give your guests suggestions for both footwear and clothing.

Providing some goodies for guests between the ceremony and reception ensure not one guest ends up hangery. Photo Credit: Bellagala

2. A good wedding celebration is more than just White Claw and Bush Light. Keeping your guests properly hydrated is a must. It’s your wedding day and you want it to last forever by spending the most time with your family and friends sharing experiences. Sense you’ll be spending most of the day and evening together, make sure there are plenty of beverages available throughout the day for your guests, non-alcoholic, as well as alcoholic. Remember if your getting married on a hot day, providing water stations to guests is especially important to keep guests hydrated. If you are inviting children to your wedding, consider beverage options for them and don’t forget the hardcore coffee drinkers who will be looking for a hot cup of Joe the minute dessert is served.

3. Since you’ve been planning your wedding day for months or maybe years, you know the timing of your day down to the minute, but your guests don’t. If guests are at your event for a long time, they are going to need some sort of nourishment. No one will be having fun if they are hangry. For example, let’s say your ceremony is scheduled early at 2:00 pm and guests just assume you’ll be having an early dinner. But to their surprise, dinner isn’t served until 6:00 p.m. and during the four hours between the ceremony and dinner there are no appetizers or snacks, your guests won’t be happy, they’ll be seriously hungry and hangry guests do not have fun. Be sure to consider the ages of your guests and choose to have a variety of age-appropriate snacks throughout the day to keep everyone happy and having fun.

4. Think of a fun way to incorporate your guests into the day. Yes, it’s your wedding day, but providing some special activities let guests know you appreciate their presence. From being part of the first dance to a sparkler send-off, competitive yard games or sharing a signature cocktail, anything that gives guests a feeling that they mattered during the event will work. But remember to always check with your venue to make sure the activities your thinking of are allowed.

Speech! Speech! Speech! A great way to make guests feel like a vital part of the wedding celebration is to have speeches as an open mic format. But, be brave, you never know what guests will share!  Photo Credit: Kelly Reeves Photography 

5. Give your guests the gift of making memories. Adding their artistic skills to your unique guest books, sharing secrets to a happy marriage, and if you feel incredibly brave make speeches an open mic format. It may be a gamble, but you can always count on Uncle Bob to have a few comical stories up his sleeve to get the crowd roaring. Remember when guests are laughing, they’re having fun and making memories.

6. It’s game time! The perfect answer to starve off guests’ boredom and encourage fun is to provide a variety of games. From cornhole bags to a wedding day scavenger hunt or soccer, do whatever your family and friends find fun. Remember to provide plenty of time during the day so guests can have opportunities for the most fun.

7. We didn’t forget the number #1 fun generator during a wedding…. Music, baby! When it comes to true musical enjoyment there is nothing better than live music. It truly gets guests those who want to dance out on the floor and provides multi-sensory entertainment for guests who are more comfortable watching from their tables. Whether it’s a quartet, mariachi band, solo acoustic guitar or 10-piece live band, everyone can enjoy the talents of live musicians.

Nothing gets guests out on the dance floor like music, especially live music!

Bonus tip: After dancing, playing games and having tons of fun, send your guests off with a sweet treat. Whether it’s ice cream, donuts, or woodfire pizza, a late-night snack is always a win as guests head home reminiscing about your fun-filled wedding day. Remember by the time guests leave your wedding celebration, dinner was four hours and five cocktails ago. Keep those hangry feelings at bay and the good times coming with a little nosh to go.

Late night wood fire pizza is an excellent snack option for guests. Full bellies = happy guests.

The Garden Pavilion is the perfect shaded spot to set-up the bar (aka the Hydration Station) Remember to have a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available for guests throughout the event.

Come on…you know this looks like way too much fun for just the kids to enjoy! Right? The Gardens is full of open green spaces perfect for games and activities to keep guests entertained! Photo Credit: Kimberly Williams Photography

The Gardens at night is something magical! Maybe it’s the Garden Pavilion or thousands of lights…but you know what it really is? It’s the guests sharing their love and support for the newly married couple!

Ever thought of having your wedding painted as it’s happening? Paint My Wedding Day creates not only a unique keepsake after your day, but guests can enjoy watching a masterpiece come to life.

Let your guests know the schedule for your perfect day and yes, tears as you walk down the aisle of The Grand Promenade can certainly be on the schedule.  It’s a happy day y’all!

There’s nothing like rows of cornhole set-up on The Gardens’ lawn to starve off boredom and get a bit competitive spirit going amongst guests.

Give your guests the gift of making memories by asking them to contribute to a unique guest book experience – signing a frame, painting a tile, sharing secrets to a happy marriage, etc….

Guests will be at your wedding celebration for more than just a few hours. Be sure to provide adequate food and beverages to ensure they are properly cared for. No one wants a crowd of hangry guests!

If variety is the spice of life then this donut wall selection is extremely spicy! With all these donuts to choose from guests will be more than happy!

This Lath House ceremony was simply wedding day perfection. Remember to create the most perfect day make sure guests are well cared for.

Your wedding day celebration becomes 100% better when guests can relax, enjoy and celebrate with you!

A late night sweet treat from Sonny’s Ice Cream is the perfect addition to your unique wedding day.

Don’t these lovely ladies look like they are having the absolutely best time as they relax on The Gardens’ patio with a drink in their hand!?!

Live music isn’t just for the late night dance, an acoustical guitar musician like Timothy Howe Music, can set the mood during cocktail hour on The Gardens patio.

Guests love to take photos of themselves and their loved ones at weddings. It’s the perfect opportunity since they are all cleaned up and dressed up. Choosing a venue with plenty of great photo op locations not only benefits you and your wedding party photos, but guests can also utilize the surroundings for their annual Christmas card photo.

Ever considered having a seven piece Mariachi band serenade you down the aisle after tying the knot? This live music option not only creates a uniqueness to your day, but provides guests with memorable entertainment.

Have you ever seen anyone playing yard games and being unhappy at the same time? It’s settled then…..yard games are a guarantee for guests to have fun at your wedding celebration.

Having an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception? Be sure guests know that and come prepared with appropriate footwear and clothing. Let’s just say guests who wear 3 inch stiletto heels and walk over soft ground will not be having fun.

See that white tub of water bottles directly in front of the Garden Pavilion? That’s a great option to ensure guests are well hydrated throughout your event.

Make guests feel part of your day by being part of your sparkler send-off! Photo Credit: Jennifer Sanders Photography

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