The Gardens Story


Love grows at The Gardens…..where passion and purpose align


The intertwining of authentic craftsmanship and the natural environment at The Gardens of Castle Rock is no coincidence. In fact, it has been a lifelong journey for owner Glenn Switzer as he has aligned his passions with his purpose to create a wedding and event space like no other.


The close relationship Glenn shared with his father (a landscape architect) and his grandfather (the owner of Switzer’s Nursery) created a deep appreciation for the natural world, the satisfaction of working with his hands and lead him into a 30+ year career of designing and creating beautiful outdoor environments through landscape design and construction. While his portfolio is vast, his greatest enjoyment comes from designing and creating entertainment spaces with seamless indoors to outdoors transitions. He is the recipient of numerous landscaping and design awards with work featured in several Midwest magazines.


But I bet you’re wondering, “How did a wedding venue blossom from a career in landscape design and construction?” In 2012, a friend of Glenn’s was looking for a place to hold an outdoor wedding. Half-jokingly, Glenn offered for his friend to get married on the property and the rest is history!


Glenn’s vision for The Gardens is to create an amazing place where couples can gather with their friends and family in a safe and relaxed environment to share their values and love. He focuses on designing and crafting new features that incorporate traditional building techniques and best practices. Demonstrated by the hand hewed timbers of the Garden Pavilion and the hand split stones of the Gardens Suite. There are no shortcuts and absolutely nothing faux at The Gardens. Go ahead and touch it! Everything reflects true honest craftsmanship.


While couples and guests comment on the beauty of The Garden’s space, what really makes the space special is the people who gather in it. Designing and constructing spaces that allow guests to be relaxed and comfortable is the ultimate goal for everything Glenn does.


Come celebrate love at The Gardens of Castle Rock!


To learn more about The Garden’s Story, including what wedding day job Glenn had in his early 20’s, visit The Gardens’ Story….what makes us so special blog.


Glenn & Michelle at The Gardens

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