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A Classic Garden’s Original™ The Gardens Cedar Tables

19:51 10 January

Gorgeous Handcrafted Cedar Tables Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Special Day A Classic Garden’s Original™ The Gardens Cedar Tables were designed and created in the Workshop at The Gardens by master craftsman and venue owner, Glenn Switzer. These handcrafted beautiful western red cedars banquet tables are...

The Gardens Cedar Wedding Mid-Height Display Tables

12:07 13 March

Personalize your wedding venue space with our unique, handcrafted Mid-Height Garden Tables! The Garden Cedar Tables were handcrafted in our very own workshop and are reminiscent of a classic potting table used for years around when our venue was a garden nursery. They are made of...

Gardens Mid-Height Tables

15:39 03 March

Gardens Mid-Height Tables The Garden Cedar Tables are handcrafted in our very own workshop. Reminiscent of a classic potting table used for years around The Gardens. They are made of beautiful Western Red Cedar and clear coated with a commercial grade polyurethane. Their bright color and...

Create a Wedding Reception Table Layout: 200-300 Guests

20:02 24 April

Arranging Your Reception Table Design to Suit Your Large Guest Count You've just jumped into planning a wedding! Que the wedding invitation designs, table décor, Pinterest boards, wedding dress decisions, and table layout designs! That's right. Here at The Gardens of Castle Rock, you get to...

Create a Wedding Reception Table Layout: 100-200 Guests

15:53 09 March

Open Seating or Assigned Seating? Traditional Head Table or King's Table? The Choice is Yours! Creating a comfortable, relaxing, and engaging guest experience for your wedding guests is a top priority for your wedding day. A key factor to your overall wedding reception aesthetic is the...

Unforgettable Wedding Reception Table Decor

19:47 16 June

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Styling Unique Outdoor Reception Tablescapes Your Guests will Never Forget! Wedding reception table decoration sets the stage for your party, works as a great ice breaker for your guests and illustrates who you are as a couple. You might find yourself...

Stunning Outdoor Garden Wedding Reception Tent

18:59 14 April

More than just a tent, The Garden's wedding reception tent creates the perfect space for your uniquely designed wedding celebration. A classic century mate style with an elegant paver floor, The Garden’s wedding reception tent can easily accommodate 300 guests in its airy gathering space.  With...

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