12 Memorable Outdoor Wedding High-top Table Decor Suggestions

High-top tables – also known as cocktail tables – are the perfect addition to your outdoor wedding reception space for functionality and aesthetic purposes.

Here comes the bride!

Here at The Gardens of Castle Rock, we provide the high-top tables, you bring the pizazz!

Here are some helpful tips for fashioning your Gardens High-Top Tables:

Outdoor-Hardy Centerpieces We’ve seen flowers, twinkle lights, and pictures (you name it!) adorning the center of our high-top tables. Centerpieces help tell your story and create a vibe at your outdoor wedding reception; however, we also embrace mother nature here at The Gardens. We recommend that your centerpieces be outdoor hardy (heavy, low center of gravity, not too tall, ready to withstand wind).

Floor Length Tablecloths Utilizing a 120″+ round cloth linens covers the legs of each high-top table and creates an aesthetically pleasing look. Choose a 120″ round linen if you want it to nearly touch the ground or 132″ round linen if you want a billowing, overflowing look that will cover the legs. We recommend not going any bigger, otherwise your guests may face a tripping hazard.

Sashed Linens All linens should be tightly fastened mid-way down when hosting an outdoor wedding and there are so many unique ideas to integrate sashes! Check out the photos below for some cool ideas. We recommend testing out the sash to make sure it’s easy to tie and then stays fastened.

Round not Rectangular It may be tempting to reuse the white rectangular linens from your cousin’s wedding, but they do not drape correctly and look quite silly with open gaps on the side… Trust us!

Choose Fabric that’s Fireproof No birthday party plastic linens here! Non-flammable fabric is the best and only choice to create an elegant and safe reception space.

12 Memorable Outdoor Wedding High-Top Table Decor Suggestions (and some runner ups!)…

1) Art Deco meets Garden Elegance… a lovely and minimalistic take on High-Top decor. Photo Credit: Sophisticated Grace Photography

2) Want to create a dramatic reception space? Enter Magenta! Your high-tops can also be a useful space to provide guests with sanitizer or bug spray, too.

3) Dusty blue high-top table linens with accents of gold accentuated the majestic look of the The Garden Pavilion.

4) Soft purple sashes and vintage vases filled with lavender created the perfect Garden Wedding Reception experience.

5) With a view like this, it’s no wonder guests are drawn to The Gardens Natural Stone Fireplace. Pink peonies really popped against classic champagne linens for this summer wedding!

6) A September Garden Wedding can be quickly “warmed up” with touches of vibrant red and gold accents… Of course, the Natural Stone Fireplace and standing heaters help, too…

7) A quick art lesson: Green and purple are complimentary colors, so the simple combination of purple linens and fresh garden greenery creates a bold, yet elegant ambiance for an outdoor wedding reception.

8) Stretchy high-top linens help create a clean, sophisticated look to any reception space. These white linens suited the couple’s minimalist-inspired garden wedding.

9) Looking for sweet and simple garden wedding reception décor? A dusty pink cocktail table linen and ivy vine ties are a fan favorite.

10) Never underestimate the simplicity of sparkly linens and wildflowers for a playful, garden atmosphere outside of the reception tent.

11) Sparkly maroon stretchy linens fit right in with this classic glam wedding. Photo Credit: Nicole and Co. Photography

12) An overcast day and pops of pink? Yes, please! This fun high-top table décor stole the show during this outdoor wedding reception.

Runner Ups:  Why not use your bridesmaid bouquets for a centerpiece? (Click here to find out how to guarantee your guests have this much fun on your wedding day!)

Runner Ups: Some simple white linens with tea lights added an extra level of sparkle to this magical night. Guests enjoyed a drink and a slice of pizza under the twinkle lights, natural stone fireplace, and Garden Pavilion at The Gardens of Castle Rock!

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