Emily & Casey’s Sunday Kind of Love: A Modern Vintage Wedding Theme

A Real Wedding Spotlight of a Sunday Wedding at The Gardens of Castle Rock

Sunday weddings are for tattoo stations, disco balls, and live bands… wait, what?

Love Keeps the Cold Out Better Than a Cloak – Anna Bradstreet

Let’s back up for just a minute. First, you need to know that Emily ventured out one chilly December night to support a friend who was playing in a band. Casey, the host of what they dubbed, “Bro-ing Up Christmas”, was also playing at this party. In true retro-movie fashion, their eyes met from across the room. It was love at first sight. They graduated college, adopted a couple cats, and decided they needed an adventure.

Met with sub-zero temps in Minneapolis in 2019, Emily and Casey started a new life together, and were engaged.

Draping, wisteria, and true love. Emily and Casey’s wedding day vision came to life! Photo by: Jojo Studios

It only made sense, then, that Emily and Casey were again met with a cold bite in the air when they first visited The Gardens of Castle Rock in May of 2021. Even so, there were stars in their eyes as they walked around the grounds. They snuggled up and talked about how to design each space at The Gardens to illustrate their fun, easy-going, “Sunday Kind of Love”.

The Perfect Ceremony

Fast forward to September 11th – their wedding day. Contrary to their previous important life events, there wasn’t a cold breeze to be felt nor a cloud in the sky. Their friends worked diligently cutting florals as Stargazer Designs hung disco balls, draping, and lights in the tent. Emily had spent months collecting vintage table decoration for each table and we believe it was well worth the months Casey endured walking a small path through their home.

Kisses half way up the aisle are a must!

Their wedding ceremony took place in the infamous Lath House. Silk wisteria and macramé created the retro-70s, bohemian vibe they had envisioned since the beginning. They exchanged powerful vows that had everyone laughing, tearing up, and laughing while tearing up. The lovely environment was only out-beatified by their love.

Emily and Casey’s Dream Concert

Casey enjoyed singing along to Mae Simpson and the band as he danced with his beautiful bride. Photo by: Jojo Studios

As you may have noticed, music is particularly important to Emily and Casey, so they carefully selected a line up of incredibly talented individuals that mattered to them! Marcus DeJesus started the evening with patio entertainment during cocktail hour, HoneyButter had everyone swaying to the music while eating wood-fired pizzas by Vesuvios, and Mae Simpson raised the roof for the rest of the night. If you think that Sunday weddings are just for brunches and early nights, Emily and Casey easily proved that theory wrong!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Check out these captures from Emily and Casey’s Sunday Wedding at The Gardens of Castle Rock.

As the sun crested over the just changing leaves of the maples in the woods, Emily and Casey started their day with yoga with family and friends.

Macramé and wisteria were the perfect combination for this vintage inspired wedding with bohemian vibes in The Lath House!

Emily and Casey embraced during their first look in The Lath House. It’s important to take your time during your first look! Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to spend together.

These Terracotta pots filled with fall florals and displayed on a Garden’s Mid Height Table worked brilliantly as a seating chart for guests and were a hit!

This capture by JoJo Studios is giving off real vintage wedding vibes.

Your wedding day should tell your story! When they first met, Casey was happy to show off his tattoo’s to Emily. Thus, the tattoo station.

Is this 2022 or 1975? Emily’s bridesmaids chose variations in dress styles, fabrics, and tones to match Emily’s love of all things vintage! Photo by: Jojo Studios

Succulent gifts are great for any couple looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable wedding. Check out more guest favor ideas here.

Casey’s burnt umber suite was a total vibe back in the woods. Going along with the retro, bohemian wedding vibe, each groomsmen also sported a bolo tie. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Emily and Casey chose to honor Grandma Jackson by supplying vintage bells for wedding guests to ring.

Pictures like these are only seconds long but remain a memory forever. Hire a photographer that sees the importance in these seconds. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Emily and Casey swapped sides in The Lath House ceremony location – this way the bridesmaids could see Emily’s reactions and groomsmen, Casey’s. It’s a great way to add an interesting juxtaposition to your ceremony. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Emily and Casey chose a very unique wedding unity ceremony for their wedding day. Check out more unity ceremony ideas here.

You know you’re in love when your pictures show it. Photo by: Jojo Studios

The tables are set, the disco balls are ready. Now, to add the laughter and hum of guest conversations to really fill The Garden’s Reception Tent!

Honeybutter’s smooth, velvety music set the tone for Emily and Casey’s outdoor wedding reception.

Whether you choose picture frames on a table, or a handmade tribute to loved ones lost, it’s always a special touch to dedicate a small part of your day to these important people.

Emily and Casey snuck away for some sunset smooches in The Garden’s Vineyard. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Jojo Studios decided to show off Emily’s extravagant veil with a classic veil toss shot!

The best part about first dances is the time you get to spend together and reminisce about years gone by. Add some twinkle lights and you’ve got a core memory.

A vintage inspired wedding deserves at least a couple classic black and white photos. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Mae Simpson and her band had guests on their feet all night! A Sunday Kind of Love, indeed!

Vintage Vibe Suit – Check. Whimsical Photo Spot – Check. Slow, romantic smooch – Check. Photographer that understands your vision – Check. Jojo Studios

This is one of those amazing photos that you have to pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming. This epic capture is by: Jojo Studios

A just as the sun set on a perfect day, Casey held Emily tight and promised forever. Photo by: Jojo Studios

Shoutout to all of the amazing vendors of Emily and Casey’s super cool wedding day:

**Special thank you to Jojo Studios for allowing us to feature their gorgeous work in our real wedding spotlight!**

Wedding Gown: Mestads, Rochester

Bridal Jewelry: EnzeBridal – Etsy

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Baltic Born

Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings: MSP Jewelers

Day of Coordination: 2K Coordination

Decoration: Stargazer Designs

Catering: Vesuvios Catering

Beverage Service: LiquidMotion

Photographer: Jojo Studios

Entertainment: Marcus DeJesus, HoneyButter, Mae Simpson

Hotel: Fairview Inn and Suites, Burnsville; Best Western Premier Nicollet Inn, Burnsville

Hair Stylist and Make-Up Artist: Christina Luger


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