How to seamlessly use round tables at your wedding reception.

Incorporating round tables to create the perfect layout for your wedding reception.

We all know how important it is to create a wedding day that is uniquely yours. Second to the wedding ceremony, the wedding reception has the greatest impact on the wedding day. One of the biggest considerations on the feel and flow of the wedding reception is the table layout. There are two primary tables to consider when working on your table layout – the rectangle banquet table and the round table.

Rectangle banquet tables are typically 6 or 8 feet long. Here at The Gardens, we find the 8-foot rectangle banquet tables to be the most stylish and functional, especially The Gardens Cedar Banquet Tables.

When it comes to round tables, the most common sizes are 60-inch and 72-inch. We prefer the 60-inch round tables compared to the 72-inch round tables. The wider tables make it difficult for guests to converse. The 60-inch round tables have much more potential for intimacy as they can seat six guests, if social distancing is required, or eight guests comfortably.

Some couples envision their wedding reception table layout to incorporate all rectangle banquet tables or all-round tables, but we have found a mixture of rectangle banquet tables and round tables together create the most dynamic layout. Mixing rectangle banquet tables with a handful of round tables creates a dramatic effect.

Looking to introduce your themes or wedding colors into your wedding reception space, use colored linens on the round tables to add to the visual delight of the wedding reception. As far as size, we recommend 120-inch round linens on the 60-inch round tables to create a cascading look that covers the tables’ legs. You can also use the round tables to create a seating hierarchy. For example, use the rectangle banquet tables for the majority of guests and then seat close family at round tables directly in front of the head table.

Round tables can be laid out in either a diamond or square pattern. The square layout offers more space and distancing between tables encouraging more mingling among guests. While the diamond pattern allows for a more compact layout and a higher guest count in the same space. The diamond layout allows for more of a diagonal view of the wedding reception making it better for photography. Only if the venue space has a second story or more will guests be able to see the layout from above. So, when completing your table layout in plan form having it perfectly symmetrical is not necessary.

Tablescaping a round table offers many more opportunities than a rectangle banquet table. The equal spacing from the décor or floral centerpiece to the edge of the round table creates a full dramatic effect. Plus, round tables allow for the ability to have multiple tablescapes. Remember, there is no rule stating every table must be decorated the same.

Follow these four tips for seamlessly using round tables at your wedding reception:

• Use 60-inch tables with eight guests per table.
• Utilize full length linens on round tables to incorporate wedding themes and colors.
• Customize the space by using a mixture of table shapes.
• Choose a table layout pattern, whether square or diamond, which helps create the vision for your event.

Bonus tip: Whenever working on your table layout, make sure to plan for how guests will move through and around the tables. Where are the aisles?

Do not overlook the importance that table choice and layout has on your overall wedding day. The perfect table layout creates harmony and balance helping you achieve the perfect uniquely you wedding reception.

Crisp white linens paired with a host of wild flower arrangements created a fresh outdoor feeling that was ever-so inviting.

Want a splash of romance for your dinner guests? These lovely sheen linens suited the round tables just fine!

Create an attractive visual contrast by mixing and matching the Round Reception Tables with our hand-crafted Cedar Wedding Banquet Tables.

Chandeliers, golden Chiavari chairs, purple linens, oh my! Working with a professional decorator helps your vision come to life! We’ll set up the tables, they can hang the chandeliers, Mom and Dad can enjoy your day!

When you have a mix of tables, you can have a mix of table centerpiece arrangements. Guests enjoyed admiring these fuzzy pink pumpas grass and rose reception centerpieces!

Around and around we go! Round tables, circular garlands, and a frame circling the couple made for a please aesthetic in The Gardens Wedding Reception Tent.

Utilizing round reception tables for your guests of honor (think Grandpa, Grandma, Mom & Dad) and the Cedar Wedding Banquet Tables for all of your other special guests can help them visually consider where they can sit if you have an open seating plan.

Fashioning your reception table lay-out can seem daunting, but we have a helpful system to guide you in creating a space that suits your style and your guest count.

Our 22′ Kings Harvest Head Table is such a spectacular sight – so the juxtaposition of the round reception tables surrounding the head table gave it an extra pop in the center of The Gardens Wedding Reception Tent!

Coordinating white linens on the Round Reception Tables and the Cedar Wedding Banquet Tables made the colors of these centerpieces really stand out.

You can have a minimalist-styled wedding and still provide a diverse space for your guests to be visually drawn to. Mixing The Gardens Cedar Wedding Banquet Tables and Round Reception Tables is just one more way to make your reception look intentional.

Blush-toned table linens on round reception tables, elegant rose arrangements over the head table, and little twinkle lights helped create an elegant garden wedding reception.

A reception tent full of light and a mix of rustic guest seating made for a wonderful modern and vintage inspired space here at The Gardens of Castle Rock.

Anyone that has visited The Gardens of Castle Rock knows that we love our wood… but a round reception table with a crisp linen here and there helps the wood grains become even more distinguished!

I spy a couple who decided to sit all by themselves at one of our hand-crafted Garden’s Original Cedar Sweetheart Tables.  This means their wedding party could go sit with their friends and family. Tables help with guest experience for everyone!

Just imagine sitting at your head table watching all of your friends and family gathered in intimate circles – eating, laughing, clinking glasses, sharing stories. A whimsical garden wedding theme can be envisioned and created with tables and centerpieces, but as we like to say, your guests add the magic.

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