Incorporating Furry Love: Cute Ideas for Your Dog to Make Your Wedding Day Extra Special


There’s nothing like a wedding to bring families together to celebrate the joy of love. Here at The Gardens, we know how important it is to have all of your family members present on your special day – including the four-legged ones! For both you and your canine companion to have a smooth and enjoyable experience, we’ve collected a list of things to consider, as well as best practices for including your dog on your wedding day.

1) Consider The Temperament of Your Dog

Dogs, like people, all have unique personalities and temperaments. Is your dog the life of the party and always happy to meet lots of new people? Then they’re the perfect candidate to play a big role in your wedding! On the other hand, if your dog is more reserved, and isn’t a fan of strangers and new experiences, then consider including them in a more abridged capacity. While your outgoing dog might be thrilled to mingle with guests and walk down the aisle in front of everyone, that might sound like a nightmare for your shy or anxious dog. Instead of including your reserved dog in every aspect of the festivities, consider bringing them to your venue for a short period of time to include them in family photos, and then have a trusted friend or relative take them home for the remainder of your day.

3) Assign a Handler

While we are more than happy to have your dog join us on your wedding day, they cannot freely roam the property. To ensure that your pet is properly cared for during your event, we require you to assign a handler to them. A handler not only looks after your dog and tends to their needs, but also allows you peace of mind as you go about your day. At The Gardens, a handler must be over the age of 18 and be sober for the duration of time that they are looking after your dog. We also recommend that the handler not be a member of your wedding party, as members of the wedding party generally have a myriad of other responsibilities to attend to.

2) Keep the Timeline in Mind

Wedding days are a flurry of activity and excitement, and while pups should absolutely be present on your special day, not every part of the celebration is dog-friendly. For example, your dog does not need to arrive with you to the venue first thing in the morning, while you are unloading and setting up. Likewise, your dog also does not need to be present while you’re on the dance floor busting a move. The sweet spot for having your dog as a part of your wedding is generally during the middle of your celebration. Have your dog arrive just after you finish getting ready, so they can partake in all of your pictures! As guests start arriving, your dog can be a designated greeter if they’re outgoing, otherwise we recommend finding a quiet spot for them to rest until the ceremony. Following the ceremony, it’s time to bid Fido farewell. At The Gardens, we require that all dogs leave the property following the ceremony. Receptions can get hectic, and it’s not always the best atmosphere for pets. This will allow you to fully enjoy your celebration without worrying about the wellbeing of your pup.

With careful and attentive planning, having your dog with you on your wedding day will be an absolute blast for everyone involved. With all of that said, here’s some inspo for including your beloved companion on your special day…


Pups should always be present during getting ready pics in the Gardens Suite. 💕 Photo Credit: Bellagalla


This dog is how everyone looks when the cake comes out…..laser focused! Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


What’s the only thing better than one dog on the Grand Promenade? Two! Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


Are you excited to walk down the aisle at the Grand Promenade? This dog is, especially when she sees her person, the groom. Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


How cute is this pup with a leash and collar that match the bouquet?! Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


Forget having your ring bearer carry a ring pillow or “Ring Security” sign.  How about your adorable puppy!? Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


The dog: “Wait, the ceremony in the Lath House is already over!?  I was loving all the attention!” Photo Credit: Rachel Lahlum Photography


Aren’t they handsome!? These two dapper dogs stole this photo shoot on the Grand Promenade. Photo Credit: Courtney June Photography


Here’s an idea, if you have a people loving dog, consider having a sign made introducing them and allowing guests to interact. Here’s what this sign says, “Hi, My name is Kepler. I am two years old and I love people! I love to give hugs, so if you kneel in front of me, watch your face – I can’t always control where my paws go. I enjoy belly rubs, playing tug-o-war, and chewing on sticks.  I have a bag of treat here, but Mom says I will get a tummy-ache if I eat too many, so please only give me 1 per person. Thank you for being part of my parents’ big day!” Photo Credit: The Gardens of Castle Rock


This handsome fellow stole the show during portraits in The Lath House. Photo Credit: Render Photography


All smiles for the pup at this sweet summer wedding. Photo Credit: Fox & Loon Photography

While these are drinks named after cats, you can use this idea to incorporate your dog into your day. Photo Credit: Angela Divine Photography

Not even a little rain could dampen the joy of having their dog with them on their day! Photo Credit: Tessa June Photography


Wedding portraits are just better when there’s a dog included. Photo Credit: Andrea Dobbs Photography


Clearly there’s a favorite member of the wedding party! Photo Credit: Rachel Lahlum Photography


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