Indulge in Delight: Sweet Wedding Dessert Ideas to Savor

Out of all the decisions to make when planning your wedding day, by far the sweetest one is what to have for dessert. While the weddings of yesteryear featured grandiose tiered cakes covered in white buttercream, today’s couple is embracing individuality and personal tastes when selecting a dessert for their nuptial occasion. While you will still find cakes at weddings, they have become more refined, made specifically for the couple to have the classic cake-cutting picture. Guests are often treated to an dazzling array of treats and sweets, frequently made up of family-favorites and sure crowd-pleasers. As with everything on your wedding day, your choice of dessert should be a reflection of you and your partner, and the joy that you are sharing together. If you’re looking for some tasty inspiration, you’re in luck! Scroll down and feast your eyes on these celebratory confections.


We know it’s difficult, but make sure you get a photo with your cake *before* you slice it. You’ll thank us later! Photo by: Studio 220 Photography


Confectionary perfection! Our cedar Mid-Height Tables make a perfect display for endless arrays of sweets. Photo by: Images By Nic


Looking for a Hall of Flame-worthy cake cutting location? Our natural stone fireplace provides a rustic and dramatic backdrop for any photo op. Photo by: Jamie Hiner Photography


There’s something special about having homemade desserts at your wedding…you know they were made with love 💗 Photo by: Luke Payne Photography


How elegant is this touch of greenery around a vintage-inspired cake and display!? Photo by: Bailey Creative Co


A fabulous floral cake is sure to bring a smile to your face! Photo by: Adrian Steinbach Photography


If your favorite dessert is pie, why not have it take center stage on your wedding day? Makes perfect sense to us! Photo by: Render Photography


Cutting your cake? Don’t forget to bring a knife? You can even get personalized cake knives with your names and wedding date! Photo by: Mark Fierst Photography


We’re not saying that you *need* a floral arrangement on your dessert table. But this photo speaks for itself! Photo by: Eric Vest Photography


All-white cakes come alive with floral accents…we can’t get enough! Photo by: Kelley Reeves Photography


Why limit yourself to cake when donuts exist?? Photo by: Eric Vest Photography


We love this upgraded dessert tablescape. With draping, florals, lights, and candles, there’s no limit to the sophistication! Photo by: Ivan Amaasan Photography


We hope you donut mind if we say an enthusiastic “I do!” to this fabulous donut “cake” for the bride and groom. Photo by: Eric Vest Photography


Custom Funko Pops added a fun and personalized touch to this gothic-inspired cake. Photo by: Penny Photographics


The sweetest little cake we ever did see 💕 Photo by: Mark Fierst Photography


We love sweet little signs…even more when they’re for dessert! Photo by: Luke Payne Photography



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