Beautiful Wedding Head Table: The Rustic Refined™ ~ A Gardens Original

Make your wedding a one-of-a-kind event with a unique head table for your wedding reception.

You’ve always dreamed of having a completely unique wedding reflective of who you are. If you’ve spent any time on The Gardens website or blogs, it’s clear that The Gardens is passionate about couples being able to create a wedding day that is uniquely theirs.

As a designer, Glenn Switzer, the venue owner, has always thought it was important for couples to be free to create an event that reflects who they are as a couple and what is important to them. Ten years ago, when Glenn set out to open the venue, he wasn’t looking to create a cookie cutter experience for couples. Instead, he wanted to create a space where no two weddings were ever the same.

This idea of couples creating a wedding that was unique to them carried over to the reception. Glenn’s vision was to create unique handcrafted items that had the ability to give off different vibes based on the décor items around them. This overall principle of design allows for something that is formal to be dressed down or the ability to take something rustic and elevate it to a formal look. That’s exactly why Glenn created the Head Table Packages as part of the Gardens Originals™ series.

The rustic feel has remained one of the most preeminent wedding styles. So for Glenn it only made seem to design and craft tables with a rustic vibe. Enter the Rustic Refined™ tables. Now let’s get real for a moment. The word “rustic” has been used to describe a variety of things, including old crappy garage sale finds. That’s definitely not what we are going for with the Rustic Refined™ tables. The handcrafted nature of the tables with nice clean lines and unique construction distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind piece.

With his passion for salvaging and repurposing materials, it’s easy to see why everything at The Gardens has a previous life. Six years before the first wedding ever took place, Glenn disassembled an 1880’s granary constructed out of pine that was situated on his uncle’s farm not far from The Gardens. Working with Ben Finely of Duck Hill Workshop, Glenn and Ben built the Rustic Refined™ tabletops out of the wood used on the interior walls of the granary. Studying the kerf markings (or slits made by the saw cutting) on the tabletops and sides, it’s clear that the wood was cut from a local sawmill along the Cannon River. And the writing and markings on the wood, demonstrate its use as a granary. Side note….the wood siding of the granary was also repurposed as the wall behind the fireplace in the Gardens Suite Dressing Room.

Thanks to many years of constructing rustic pergolas and using the tree limbs in design and building, the method carried over nicely in creating the table bases and legs. Building tables is not a new concept for Glenn, since he has crafted numerous tables, including the Cedar Wedding Banquet Tables and the King’s Harvest Head Table.

The rich wood of the Rustic Refined™ tabletop combined with the hand harvest cedar tree limbs for the legs creates a distinctive item that can make your event as unique as your love story. Come visit The Gardens, take a tour and start planning your “uniquely you” dream weddings! Because remember, at The Gardens of Castle Rock, you make your Best Day Ever.

A completely unique table leg option…..hand harvested cedar tree limbs of the Rustic Refined™ tables.

The eight foot Rustic Refined™ table is the perfect head table option for the happy couple and their best man and maid of honor. Photo Credit: Charnell Timms Photography

Dress it up or down, the versatility of the Rustic Refined™ table can’t be beat!

Don’t you just love how the modern look of the loveseat compliments the rustic look of the Rustic Refined™ table? We sure do!

The Rustic Refined™ tabletops were made out of the wood from this 1880’s granary less than a mile from The Gardens.  

Worried that different shades of wood won’t go together for your wedding décor vision?  No worries!  The richness of the pine Rustic Refined™ table compliments the golden hues of The Garden cedar wedding banquet tables.

Be a part of a 100+ years of history by incorporating the Rustic Refined™ tables into your wedding reception décor.

With so many tablescape ideas, the choices are endless for your wedding day head table décor…….just ask Pinterest.


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